Emma offers a dog-centred approach to training your companion, enabling bonding with your dog with fun learning sessions.


Understand dog body language to support them through all their stages of life.

Emma tailors training techniques to support breed genetics, puppy growth and dog size including your family’s lifestyle.


All sizes and ages welcome… yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks, and in-fact they love it!


Emma is a force-free trainer and has competed Karen Prior Academy Professional Dog Training, Master Course in Dog Aggression and is a K9 Noseworks Practising Instructor.

Emma is currently evolving her knowledge studying Dog Behaviour and on her way to becoming an ACE FREEWORK trianer.


FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR DOG has multiple entrances/exits to support dogs that need more space than others when coming to a private session or for K9 Noseworks sessions (suitable for most dogs)