Emma is a K9 Nose Work® Practising Instructor (PNWI)

Inspired by working detection dogs, K9 Nose Work is the fun search and scenting activity for virtually all dogs and people. This easy to learn activity and sport builds confidence and focus in many dogs, and provides a safe way to keep dogs fit and healthy through mental and physical exercise.

K9 Nose Work starts with getting your dog excited about using his nose to seek out a favorite toy or treat reward hidden in one of several boxes, expanding the game to entire rooms, exterior areas, and vehicles. As your dog grows more confident with his nose, target odors are introduced, and competition skills are taught.

Prepare for a lifetime of fun with your dog and K9 Nose Work!

Dogs easily burn lots of mental & physical energy doing searches.

Searches can be done anywhere you can take your dog.

No prior training is required and no obedience is needed.

In classes, dogs work one at a time and rest safely in a vehicle between searches so reactive dogs can enjoy the activity too.

Shy or fearful dogs build confidence and overactive dogs put their energy into fun searches.

Stronger bond between dog & handler as handler learns to observe, understand, and rely upon his dog.


'I have been going to K9 Nose Work classes for 3 years now. The benefits to my dogs confidence and my relationship with them is noticeable.

The dogs love the 'game' and its a great way to keep them busy on a rainy day. I would recommend for any dog, old and young and especially for dogs that need focus, are reactive or anxious.

The therapeutic value of K9 Nose Work is outstanding and that is why I've added this training to my repertoire.'

Emma Hack




Q. What first class do I book?

A. Your starting class is K9 INTRO TO K9 NOSE WORK 1, classes are 4 weeks in total. You can take a break between classes as you wish or stay in your group. You'll be notified on an FB group for any waitlists available. Some see benefit staying within the initial group learning together and building friendships, others may see the benefit in wandering between classes as they progress to learn form other dogs working. Below is order of class order to date:



K9 NOSE WORK - Containers & Exteriors

K9 NOSE WORK - Vehicles & Interiors




Q. Do the dogs meet each other?

A. No, these classes commonly have reactive and anxious dogs mixed with puppies and aged dogs. To keep the environment safe for all, dogs will search separately and wait in the car between searches (see separation anxiety Q&A below). The benefit of this is a completely safe environment for your dogs that builds confidence and therefore no resource competition for food.


Q. What do the dogs search for to start?

A. We start on Primary (food) and build to odour in class 5. It takes this long as we work hard proofing build the foundation for different searches, drive and confidence before introducing Secondary (odour). You can choose to repeat courses as you go if you wish with different groups.


Q. My dog has separation anxiety and will be stressed waiting in the car, is there another option?

A. We have separate rooms for you to wait in with your dog if required for the first few session as we build a safe feeling car/wait behaviour.


Q. Do you have a hot weather policy?

A. Yes, if its a random hot day we can set up the teams in different rooms to wait, but if its successive week of hot weather we will postpone and push out the date for our last session. We will cancel if thunderstorms are predicted, if raining we will go ahead.



Q. Will my dog be a detection dog?

A. The short answer is no, further training is required for that level of work. However the foundation of K9 Nose Work is wonderful for any future scent work.


Q. When can we try trialing?

A. There are a mix of trials throughout the year if you enjoy competition work, we will support you in any way we can to assist your learning journey to be a strong team. Once your dog has proofed first odour (Birch) you can start trialing. There is no push to trial if you just enjoy the game of enrichment and time with your dog.