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Has your dogs' behaviour changed recently?

Are they showing behaviours that are troubling you?

Do they show fear or lunging/barking behaviours when meeting humans or other dogs?

Is barking at home an issue?

Emma is an Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediator, completed the Karen Prior Dog Training Professional course and a Dynamic Dog Practitioner.

Your companion will be assessed on all aspects, from body movement to their genetic and emotional self, including how they navigate their home environment and other family members, fur and human.

Not all dogs enjoy the vet visits, this can make it difficult to see the dog as they are. A full report including video, photos and observations can be sent to your vet to assist them in diagnosis of any health issues that may be occurring.

A program will be put in place to support your companions ongoing needs, be it further training and/or FREEWORK, remedial work and enrichment inspiration for home.

INCLUDES: Dynamic Dog Assessment & L.E.G.S. Assessment