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1hr training session in home 

Suitable for puppies and dogs of all ages

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book a session and we’ll be in touch to arrange a time to suit, training areas and days listed below:

TUESDAYS - DOWN SOUTH: Willunga/Aldinga/Moana/McLarenvale/Kangarilla/Clarendon 

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY/FRIDAY:  Goodwood & surrounding suburbs

receive a $30 refund if you wish to do training at FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR DOG


A bespoke 'SOLO session'.

We help set up your home for new puppy arrivals. Teach first behaviours to learn and potty training. We teach body language and consent when fitting puppy's for collar and harness.

Puppy play? First time at the beach? Cafe calm? Loose Leash Walking? Let us take you on the road to set your pup up for positive situations and to build a resilient dog.

During Adolescence (7 months - 2 years) behaviours you thought were there may be lost over time due to our busy lifestyles. We make training fun and support your dogs throughout all stages of life




K9 Nose Work SOLO Session


Ages: 8 weeks+

Good For: Initial and ongoing training. Dogs that prefer one on one training. Option to use as a Freework session or K9 Nose Works training.

Training: Busy? Training can be done for you or with you at your convenience.

Assessment: A bespoke training and management plan will be put together, considering your companion's stage of life and the below L.E.G.S. assessment.


Learning: Manners and our expectations as they grow/mature/age. Refining behaviours that may be lost. Teaching your dog to know exactly when their great behaviour is just what you're after.

Environment: How to live in our family environment and continued management. How their environment can affect behaviour.

Genetics: Inherent behaviours that might need extra attention, jumping, mouthing, chasing, pulling on leash.

Self: Building your relationship and bond with your dog though learning, play and consent/touch


During sessions we observe your dog to learn about body language and how to speak ‘dog’ to support your companion.

We learn about counter-conditioning and how important it can be for your companion.

We discuss consent and touch, including temperament and personality and what that means for each individual dog.