PUPPY SCHOOL: WEDNESDAY - 4 weeks @ 45mins

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PUPPY SCHOOL: WEDNESDAY - 4 weeks @ 45mins

A bespoke class of maximum 4 puppies per class. Alternatively choose a SOLO session.


 New class coming soon!



Ages: 4-7 months

Good For: Puppies that cope in a class situation.

Small classes: Bespoke class of 4 puppies to focus on your puppy's individual needs.

Included: Print out of all behaviours learnt and certificate


Learning: Basic manners and our expectations of them. Teaching your dog to know exactly when their great behaviour is just what you're after.

Environment: How to live in our family environment and our management.

Genetics: Inherent behaviours that might need extra attention, jumping, mouthing, guarding and potty training

Self: Building your bond with your puppy though play and consent/touch


During sessions we observe the puppies together to learn about body language and how to speak ‘dog’ to support your companion.

We learn about counter-conditioning and how important it can be for your companion.

We discuss consent and touch, including temperament and personality and what that means for each individual puppy.