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The Clicino Clicker ring

Functional, reliable and convenient.

The Clicino Clicker Ring is designed to keep your clicker at hand!  No more juggling with your lead, treats and other training tools. 

Suitable for training all animals, big and small

Available in 2 sizes and 4 colours

COLOURS: Pink, Blue, Grey & Red

Medium: 18.0 mm to 19.4 mm
Large:   19.5 mm to 20.9 mm
The correct ring size can be determined from the size chart below:

Clicino Clicker Ring Size Chart
Notes about sizing:
The chart shows the jewellers chart measurements (it's European so for the mm figures exchange the comma for a decimal point). NZ and Australia use the same jewellery chart sizes as England, so reference the second column if you know your ring size already.
Most people wear the clicker ring on their index/pointer finger so that's the one you should probably measure. The rings have a split in the bottom to allow for some stretching/variation on size.

Please note that this product is non-returnable once packaging is opened.