SOLO PLAY PEN: SOLO Session @ 45mins

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SOLO PUPPY PLAY PEN: SOLO Session @ 45mins

A safe, interactive environment for one puppy.

The Critical Socialisation period of puppies is up to 12 weeks, however there is still so much to learn as well as impending fear sensitive periods.
Your puppy will have a bespoke set up, catered to their needs.

Ages: 2 - 6 months

Good for: Sensitive pups and pups that struggle in busy class situations.

SOLO Session: For puppies that prefer to learn alone.

Included: Puppy Gift Pack (first visit only) and Treats
* Please let us know of any dietary requirements
Socialising a puppy is not just about meeting or playing with other dogs.

Different environments, textures and heights are also very important for proprioception during their physical, mental and emotional growth period.

We build confidence through a light introduction of new things and people, in a safe environment of structures and interactive pens to support the limbic system. The limbic system is the part of the brain involved in our behavioural and emotional responses of motivation, emotion, learning and memory. 

Great breeders do a lot of this work with their litters as they develop, as do guide/seeing eye dog programs. Whether your pup is raised in this environment or not, this form of social growth is extremely beneficial for future life with your companion.

Puppies move forward at their own pace, we acknowledge not every puppy is the same. Temperament & personality, breed and health play a major part in how a puppy navigates things around them.

During sessions we observe the puppy together to learn about body language and how speak ‘puppy’ to support your companion as you visit and try new environments.

We learn what your puppy enjoys for play as well as how they best decompress.

We learn about counter-conditioning and how important it can be for your companion.

We build to 'pattern' games which in turn can be used day to day to help your pup cope when things become overwhelming.

We discuss consent and touch, including temperament and personality and what that means for each individual puppy.

All puppies have individual play pens, we then build to larger pens and finally to closer interaction and polite hello's with humans.


* Pick 'continuing visit' after your initial visit. If no times available, you can book a 'first visit' and we will refund you the difference in cost, just let us know.