BABY PUPPY SCHOOL: TUESDAY'S - 4 weeks @ 45mins

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BABY PUPPY SCHOOL: TUESDAY'S - 4 weeks @ 45mins

A safe environment for 4 puppies per class. Alternatively choose a 'SOLO session'.


 New class coming soon!



Ages: 2 - 4 months

Good for: Puppies that cope in a group class situation.

Small classes: Bespoke class of 4 puppies to focus on your puppies individual needs.

Included: Print out of all behaviours learnt and certificate


Learning: Basic manners and our expectations of them. Teaching your dog to know exactly when their great behaviour is just what you're after.

Environment: How to live in our family environment and management.

Genetics: Inherent behaviours that might need extra attention, jumping, biting, guarding, barking and potty training

Self: Building your bond with your puppy though play and consent/touch


During sessions we observe the puppies together to learn about body language and how speak ‘puppy’ to support your companion.

We learn about counterconditioning and how important it can be for your companion.

We discuss consent and touch, including temperament and personality and what that means for each individual dog.