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Mountain Dog Treat Co.

Here at Mountain Dog Treat Co we provide seafood based, handmade tasty treats for your furry family. Selling here in our online store and at local markets across South Australia.

All seafood is Australian sourced & treats are made in SA


Sardines: Locally sourced from Port Lincoln South Australia. Dehydrated to a crispy crunchy treat that is a favourite with both cats and dogs.


Squid Pieces: Our dehydrated squid pieces are crispy and easily one of our dogs favourite snacks.

It can easily be broken down into smaller pieces to use as training treats as it doesn’t go crumbly.

Ingredients: Australian Arrow Squid (Sourced from SA)


Shark Skin twists: Our twisted shark skin is a hit with the dogs. Dehydrated into the twist makes them irresistible!

Ingredients: South Australian Gummy Shark


Shark Cartilage (Large pieces): A healthy, crunchy, longer lasting treat for your dog. These pieces are recommended for larger breed dogs as some of the pieces are quite thick.

Some pieces come quite meaty too as a bonus.

Ingredients: South Australian Gummy Shark


Fish and Pumpkin Pieces: A blended mix of cooked pumpkin & minced assorted fish, dehydrated to give a delicious crunchy fishy biscuit your dog or cat will love.

Ingredients: assorted fish varieties, pumpkin


Fishy Meal Topper: Are assorted Australian fish varieties minced, dehydrated & crumbled to make a perfect fishy meal topper. Crumbled whole Sardines are added to the final mix to make it a little chunkier.

Try add a small spoonful of the crumble on your dogs meals for a healthy addition to their diet.

 Ingredients: assorted fish varieties (depending on availability, it’s typically – Whiting, Australian Herring, Garfish, Sardines) *It may include other fish varieties at times*


All treats at Mountain Dog Treat Co contain no preservatives, salts or nasty fillers.