Hi! My name is Nat, and I’m an Animal / Interspecies Communicator.

My animal family and I live in the southern Adelaide Hills, where we enjoy nature and all of her beauty, right on our doorstep. Nature is where I truly feel myself, whole and content.

My path of interspecies communication has taken me by surprise, in a big way! I have always been the one to ask ‘Okay, but why? And how? Originally this wanting of answers took me to studying Nutritional Medicine, questioning things from a scientific, measured perspective. I then had my head in a spin, as the very science I was versed in had little in the way of answering questions about my intuitive experiences. And so the journey began...

I came to animal communication through my beautiful animal family, Dexter, Hemi & Maya. My first experience was when Dex was lost in Kuitpo forest for hours. In my deep sadness and panic, I knew that I could locate him by sitting quietly, and tuning into his location. I felt pulled to one of 5 fire track paths, and 2 minutes later, there he was, atop a hill, in the complete opposite direction to where we were looking. I knew in this moment that I had remembered a buried ability from when I was a kid. It was then in the passing of our sweet Ridgeback Maya, that I pursued my professional animal communication training, as I found such resolve and comfort through another animal communicator during that time. Now I’m giving back what the animals have always given me, awareness and compassion for the individual.

I consult as a Nutritionist for our two legged friends, and work on an organic farm, tending to and harvesting the produce for our local community. My happy place is out bush-walking with our dogs Dexter & Jack, reading and researching anything esoteric, gravitating toward every ounce of sun I can, and drinking my whole body weight in cups of tea!

Each animal has such an awareness and understanding, our greatest offering to them is to stop and have some of our own.

My role is that of a translator between the animal, their person, and their caring team of practitioners. The way I do this is by telepathic communication through intuitive images, sounds, physical sensations and that ‘knowing’ feeling, with both animals in the physical, and one’s that have passed. Common reasons why people reach for this type of work can be for behavioural concerns, physical conditions, assisting the animals wishes in the dying process, and uncovering any underlying connections to emotional / spiritual experiences of the animal. This ability isn’t just reserved for the chosen few, but is the birthright of all beings, including you and your beloved companion.

A consult with me will normally take up to one hour, in person or by distance over zoom or phone. Your companion doesn’t need to be present in the same room as me for the communication to happen, as it can transverse our perceived space/time. I will need some basic details that I will on-send prior to our consultation, whilst most of the dialog happens within our consult together.

I by no way diagnose, treat or give any recommendation on specific physical, dietary or behavioural concerns. My role is to be the bridge between our experiences of each other. Each animal is so incredibly different, which is where I see my value working with animals and their care-takers. There are deep ethical frameworks that I adhere to, to gain permission and respect for both yourself and your animal companion.

I look forward to meeting you and your animals friend, and doing this beautiful work together.


Animal Communication Practitioner : (Nancy Windheart)
Nutritional Medicine Practitioner : BHSc. ( Nut. Med )
Energy Medicine Practitioner : Reiki III Credentials

In Training:
Muscle Testing Kinesiology
Mental Health First Aid
First Aid



1 Hour: $150